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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Occult Druidry on Kindle

Here come the Druids on Kindle books

Being a fan of both Druidry novels,and the Hermetic Occult tradition of Druidry (Yes i am also an occultist), as well as an avid Kindle user, i was delighted to find lots of Kindle books on Druidry as well as other occult topics. I found a selection of books both academic and fantasy which interested me.Letme present you with the ones i found most interesting;
The Druid King really engrossed me reading it with a classic Romans and Gauls story. Here is the publishers description;

"Norman Spinrad makes a fine debut in historical fiction, with occasional lapses into fantasy, in this riveting tale about the legendary Celtic chieftain Vercingetorix, the leader of Gallic resistance against Roman legions commanded by Gaius Julius Caesar. Spinrad does an excellent job in describing Druid religious rites, and the profound influence they play on the thoughts and actions of Vercingetorix. He also provides us with mesmerizing descriptions of Gallic leaders and of Caesar and his generals. I thought I could see and smell the Gallic towns and their people, as well as the bloody battlegrounds of the Gauls and their Roman invaders. Without question, Spinrad's sympathies lie with Vercingetorix and his relationship with the woman warrior Rhia and Marah, his potential queen of a unified Gallic state. Although this isn't Spinrad's best work of fiction, it is still among his finest novels, rich in the vivid detail and lyrical prose that he is noted for in his science fiction. "

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