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Thursday, June 4, 2009

11 Bestsellers at a Rockbottom price

11 Sensational Bestsellers by The Brontë Sisters, Jane Austen, Kate Chopin and Nathaniel Hawthorne (Classic Collections, Literature Collections) (Kindle Edition)

Here is a real massive bargain for those of you who are marathon readers or lovers of Classic Literature (or both)!
Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Nathaniel hawthorne - a host of Classic authors for just a mere 7 dollars and 99 cents! you won't regret this purchase i think, as the time you spend reading and the enjoyment you get from all these great classics is far superior to the money invested. The digital age is a real benefit to those of us who enjoy absorbing ourselves in the pastime of reading, and this is probably one of the best buys available on kindle in the moment as far as quality, and content in relation to price goes!
Here's hoping you have the time to spend on reading these wonderful and eternal classic pieces of timeless literature. I for one will be finding the time.

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