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Thursday, May 7, 2009

New York Times on Kindle

New York Times - 2 versions available for subscription at Amazon Kindle

The New York Times leaves nothing to be said; Except that it is available on Kindle at anytime you wish, even as a subscription it will arrive at your Kindle Reader and be there when you wake up for breakfast.
A Subscription with The New York Time will keep you up to date with everything of interest in the big wide World. From Politics to Movie reviews, Obituaries to Stock Exchange. Everything you need is at ryout reach with your Amazon Kindle reading device. Anywhere in the world with a free wireless internet connection, you can even connect to amazon kindle online from the beach, and order and read immediately the books and information you wish - when you wish.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist (Kindle Edition)

"The Alchemist" is another of Kindle's Bestsellers in the current moment, and no wonder;
Just read the reviews
From Booklist
When 15-year-old twins Josh and Sophie inadvertently become involved in a plot to steal the Codex from their friend Nick Fleming (aka Nicholas Flamel), they are propelled into a fantasy world of golems, wereboars, and many other creatures that inhabit the netherworld between good and evil. Also known as the Book of Abraham the Mage, the Codex contains the secret formula for eternal youth, but that's just one of the book's wild powers that fuel the twins' adventures.

Scott offers a classic fantasy, with mythological references and inferences that are well integrated and do not slow down the exciting action. The writing and story line have a flamboyant style that will put readers on the edge of their seats as they rush to the final page, pausing along the way to savor the author's vivid descriptions of worlds and events. Readers will actively root for the good guys in this exhilarating fantasy--if they can figure out who they are. Frances Bradburn
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

“The juxtaposition of our reality with magic and myth is riveting.”
—Kirkus Reviews (Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved).

The Alchemyst


“OK—answer me this: why would anyone want to wear an overcoat in San Francisco in the middle of summer?” Sophie Newman pressed her fingers against the Bluetooth earpiece as she spoke.

On the other side of the continent, her fashion-conscious friend Elle inquired matter-of-factly, “What sort of coat?”

Wiping her hands on the cloth tucked into her apron strings, Sophie moved out from behind the counter of the empty coffee shop and stepped up to the window, watching men emerge from the car across the street. “Heavy black wool overcoats. They’re even wearing black gloves and hats. And sunglasses.” She pressed her face against the glass. “Even for this city, that’s just a little too weird.”

“Maybe they’re undertakers?” Elle suggested, her voice popping and clicking on the cell phone. Sophie could hear something loud and dismal playing in the background— Lacrimosa maybe, or Amorphis. Elle had never quite got over her Goth phase.

“Maybe,” Sophie answered, sounding unconvinced. She’d been chatting on the phone with her friend when, a few moments earlier, she’d spotted the unusual-looking car. It was long and sleek and looked as if it belonged in an old black-and-white movie. As it drove past the window, sunlight reflected off the blacked-out windows, briefly illuminating the interior of the coffee shop in warm yellow-gold light, blinding Sophie. Blinking away the black spots dancing before her eyes, she watched as the car turned at the bottom of the hill and slowly returned. Without signaling, it pulled over directly in front of The Small Book Shop, right across the street.

“Maybe they’re Mafia,” Elle suggested dramatically. “My dad knows someone in the Mafia. But he drives a Prius,” she added.

“This is most definitely not a Prius,” Sophie said, looking again at the car and the two large men standing on the street bundled up in their heavy overcoats, gloves and hats, their eyes hidden behind overlarge sunglasses.

“Maybe they’re just cold,” Elle suggested. “Doesn’t it get cool in San Francisco?”

Sophie Newman glanced at the clock and thermometer on the wall over the counter behind her. “It’s two-fifteen here . . . and eighty-one degrees,” she said. “Trust me, they’re not cold. They must be dying. Wait,” she said, interrupting herself, “something’s happening.”

The rear door opened and another man, even larger than the first two, climbed stiffly out of the car. As he closed the door, sunlight briefly touched his face and Sophie caught a glimpse of pale, unhealthy-looking gray-white skin. She adjusted the volume on the earpiece. “OK. You should see what just climbed out of the car. A huge guy with gray skin. Gray. That might explain it; maybe they have some type of skin condition.”

“I saw a National Geographic documentary about people who can’t go out in the sun . . . ,” Elle began, but Sophie was no longer listening to her.

A fourth figure stepped out of the car.

He was a small, rather dapper-looking man, dressed in a neat charcoal-gray three-piece suit that looked vaguely old-fashioned but that she could tell had been tailor-made for him. His iron gray hair was pulled back from an angular face into a tight ponytail, while a neat triangular beard, mostly black but flecked with gray, concealed his mouth and chin. He moved away from the car and stepped under the striped awning that covered the trays of books outside the shop. When he picked up a brightly colored paperback and turned it over in his hands, Sophie noticed that he was wearing gray gloves. A pearl button at the wrist winked in the light.

“They’re going into the bookshop,” she said into her earpiece.

“Is Josh still working there?” Elle immediately asked.

Sophie ignored the sudden interest in her friend’s voice. The fact that her best friend liked her twin brother was just a little too weird. “Yeah. I’m going to call him to see what’s up. I’ll call you right back.” She hung up, pulled out the earpiece and absently rubbed her hot ear as she stared, fascinated, at the small man. There was something about him . . . something odd. Maybe he was a fashion designer, she thought, or a movie producer, or maybe he was an author—she’d noticed that some authors liked to dress up in peculiar outfits. She’d give him a few minutes to get into the shop, then she’d call her twin for a report.

Sophie was about to turn away when the gray man suddenly spun around and seemed to stare directly at her. As he stood under the awning, his face was in shadow, and yet for just the briefest instant, his eyes looked as if they were glowing.

Sophie knew—just knew—that there was no possible way for the small gray man to see her: she was standing on the opposite side of the street behind a pane of glass that was bright with reflected early-afternoon sunlight. She would be invisible in the gloom behind the glass.

And yet . . .

About the Author and his Books:
Michael Scott's new book, The Sorceress, the third book in the series will be released on the 28th of May 2009.

The cover of The Sorceress.

The Alchemyst is now available in Spanish, Catalan, German, Dutch, Japanese, Finnish, Vietnamese, Estonian, Romanian, Czech, Slovakian and 22 more languages to come; covers will be posted when we have them

Product Information
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 339 KB
  • Print Length: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers (May 22, 2007)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
  • Language: English

Micheal Scott website (Dillon Scott) - The Alchemyst Reader Reviews

Book 2 Can't Come Soon Enough, May 28, 2007

By K. Babbes ( USA)

My 16 year old daughter Grace burst into my den when she finished the Alchemyst and insisted that I read the book, "...immediately, mom. You won't be able to put it down." Grace doesn't read books - she devours them. She has often said that every book has boring passages. But the Alchemyst, she soon showed me - has none. We anticipate the release of book two even more than the next Harry Potter.

Fantastic!, May 28, 2007

By A. Goyan ( Burbank, CA United States)

What a great read--I couldn't put it down. As soon as I'd finished my step-son began. Mr. Scott's imagination is boundless. I am grateful that through a fantastic page turner my step-children can be introduced to a wide range of historical and mythological characters. Leaves you on the edge of your seat. When will a sequel be available?

soooooo excellent, May 27, 2007

By Zan ( New Hampshire)

My 13 year old son and I were both hooked by the bottom of page one. And since then, we have been racing through the book-- devouring chapters. With fascinating characters and a truly compelling story, it has been a wonderful world to enter. Michael Scott is clearly a brilliant and thoughtful writer. My son and I both agree-- there better be some sequels in the pipeline!

What an imagination!, May 27, 2007

By A. Safier "Loving Livres" ( Los Angeles)

I have only read two books in an entire sitting in my life. Make that three. "The Alchemyst" is absolutely enchanting. This is a book for adults as well as kids. Michael Scott must have the greatest imagination of any living author. You are really going to love this one!

When's the next one coming out?, May 22, 2007

By A. Bryant ( Brooklyn, NY)

I devoured this book in a day! Extremely well written, and an excellent story. I can't wait for the next one.

Fun, Fun, Fun., May 22, 2007

By lgcbuilder (MIdwest USA)

This book is the most fun read I've had in a long time. It's geared for the young adult, but no matter, it's even fun for old adults. The plot and the characters will grab you by the neck and not let go until the end, which leaves you gasping for more. I read it in one sitting, just because I couldn't stop. Mr Scott's interweaving of multiple mythologies is amazing. I've been reading fantasy/SF for over 30yrs, and still had to look up a couple of characters. The use of actual historical characters is brilliant, and opens up a huge context for the future.

Darker, stronger, perfect for the graduate of the Potter books. Takes it to the next level in fantasy. Highly recommended for everyone.

I want the sequel now. I wanted the sequel right after I finished.

User audio book review on, click here to see the page

SUCH A GREAT BOOK!!!!!!, May 28, 2007

I love reading a good book and that is what "The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel" is!!!!

I couldn't put the darn thing down and I'm now officially the biggest Michael Scott fan. I just loved, loved, loved this fantastic book!!!

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Hothouse - Brian Aldiss

The most Imaginative flight of Fancy ever! Hothouse.

This is another of those books which converted my understanding of possibility and what we might evolve into. In this far flung into the Future world, the Human race has diminished in size to the point where they live inside nutshells in the trees, and are no bigger than perhaps to our knees when compared to the size of a Human today. Makes me think of Buddha's prediction that in the far Future, Humans will be so small in stature that they will be able to climb a chili tree (they grow to about one meter in height).

In the future, when the Sun has expanded and is ready to go nova, few animal species remain while plants have adapted to fill animal niches. One of the few species to survive are humans, but in much-altered forms. It is here where young tribal Gren finds himself captured by an intelligent fungus with plans to colonize humans to control the world! Hothouse tells the story of a remarkable journey of discovery that will alter your perceptions about the true nature of the world today... and the world to come!

2012 Prophecies

2012 (Kindle Edition)

2012 Prophecies Research Publications and Kindlebooks

is coming up. Over the last few years, i have noticed a massive Increment in the rumors and prophecies that have been circling around regarding the Mayan Prophecy taken from their ancient calendar, and the Scientific Evicence that on the 21/12/2012 our Planet will align with the center of the Galaxy, which has been proved to be a black hole. This will be the first time this has happenned since many tens of thousands of years; Aeons, so to speak. Was this, perhaps, which caused the disappearance of the dinosaurs so many Aeons ago? Are the rumors of Nibiru (Planet X) with any foundation of truth? does the Sumerian tablet and the Mayan calendar point towards an Apocalypse? or a New Enlightenment? The different beliefs that have arisen around this topic are almost as many as the stars in the sky, and the amount of literature on this matter is also in evidence of being a seriously treated Issue.

Get Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide as a Kindle Edition Book now!

Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide (Kindle Edition) Choice of selected Reviews (soource;

"A tour de force Planet X - 2012 page turner. Required reading for those who get it and want to live through it."-Echan Deravy, Solar Code

"Written in an easy-to-read style that honors the 2012 predictions of the Maya."-Maya Anthropologist George Erikson, author of Atlantis in America: Navigators of the Ancient World

"Chilling insights into how the world's power elites are preparing for 2012. Truth that's hard to handle."-Philip Gardiner, Secret Societies, Gnosis, The Shining Ones

"Delivers practical, life-sparing concepts that make sense."-Frank Joseph, There Are No Coincidences, Survivors of Atlantis, Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America

"Required reading for those who are beyond the Planet X debate and now want to do something about it."-Greg Jenner, Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection

"Be prepared, be very prepared: you need this book for 2012!"-Andy Lloyd, The Dark Star

"Excellent analysis of the 2012 solar threat and how governments are responding to it."-Patrick Geryl, How To Survive 2012, The World Cataclysm in 2012, The Orion Prophecy

Product Description

Planet X is a generic term used to describe a large and yet unknown object in our solar system. Known as Nibiru to the ancient Sumerians, it is many times the size of the Earth and has a long period orbit of approximately 3600 years. The date of 2012 generally identifies a period of cataclysmic events predicted by the ancient Mayans.

What is Planet X? It could be a comet, rogue planet, or as this book maintains, a dying brown dwarf companion to Sol. In the years to come, its elliptical orbit will bring it into the core of our system, where it will enrage our Sun. Once that happens, Earth's greatest pains will come; the moment fate puts us in the cross hairs of a perfect solar storm.

The scientific harbinger data of this impending flyby is also being reported at an ever-increasing pace and can no longer be ignored. This is why many who have investigated the matter on their own now believe the time has come to take action. In essence, they already 'get it' and now they're feeling the need to get through it!

The purpose of this book is to help those who now agree that time is of the essence. It does this by offering a practical 2012 tool kit of how-to survival knowledge, for those who'll be left to fend for themselves.

Regardless of whether you can afford to build a bunker or can barely afford a shovel, the information in this book is designed to be equally useful. This is because the key to surviving 2012 is more about what's in your head than what's in your wallet.

There are no guarantees. The best you can do is to enhance your odds of survival, which does not necessarily mean building a better bunker. Rather, as Louis Pasteur so aptly explained, "Chance favors the prepared mind."

Pasteur's message for 2012 is clear. The better prepared you are, both mentally and emotionally, the more likely you'll be to recognize and capitalize upon survival opportunities in a timely and useful manner.

Therefore, the first step towards bettering your odds is to hardwire your mind for survival. No rocket science is required--just a little time. The process is simple, and this book will show you how easy it is to get started. The sooner you begin, the better your odds of survival will be.

Don’t have a Kindle?

Also, ignore the fear mongers, when they say that the tribulations of 2012 will cause humankind to revert to some kind of barbaric, pseudo-cinematicstate. The opposite will happen. When future historians look back on 2012, what they see will be less about catastrophe and more about human evolution.

World Religions - Buddhism and Christianity

FROM BUDDHA TO JESUS: An Insider's View of Buddhism & Christianity

Wherever you are, whether on Vacation, or on the way to work in the subway; with Kindle books you can always access your personal world and read.
All religions teach to be a good person and not harm others and try to call for world peace. Since the Rise of Buddhism in the West, and many Christians are either coming into contact (directly, or indirectly), or even converting to Buddhism completely. As a Buddhist, i was once in a Tibetan centre in Barcelona, where i saw that in some places, Western Christian Nuns come to learn and practise Meditation with the Tibetan Lamas. As a person who now lives, and earlier travelled constantly through Southeast Asia (mainly Thailand), i came more into contact with Thai Theravada Buddhism too. I think if you are on Vacation in Asia, or are a person who has some kind of contact with Buddhism, then this kindle book is a definitely fascinating read, and will open the eyes to many yet unthought of questions and answers, which you may never have even thought of.

The Dalai Lama is head of the Nyingma Lama lineage of Tibetan Mahayana Tradition. Since the Tibetans have been so persecuted by China, and led to their fleeing to take refuge in Nepal and Dharamsala (India), Tibetan Buddhism has enjoyed expansion to become a firmly planted philosophy (if not to call it a Religion), which many Westerners call their System of Faith (belief system).

Many Mahayana Buddhist Centres are situated in the Western World in the present day. The teachings of the Dalai Lama have led to his recognition and the admiration of (even if not official) many Countries and their State Leaders. His wisdom has been called upon by invitation to come and speak at a countless number of places in the World. He is welcomed and loved by almost every nation of the World, and seen as one of our Human Race's Wisest Spiritual Leaders.

You could do a lot worse than to read this kindle book;
"How to see Yourself as You really Are", by the Dalai Lama.
Available on Kindle along with many other Kindle Books on Buddhism

Learn to Master Manga (Manga Studio for Dummies)

Manga Studio for dummies - learn to Master Manga (Kindle Edition)

Learn to Master Manga Comic Art and design in your Vacation, with Kindle Books.
If you like Manga comic Art, then Manga Studio will assist in evoking inspiriation and bringing your ideas to lifelike realisation! The tools available in the latest version of this powerful program make it easy to turn your computer into your art studio and Manga Studio For Dummies is just what you need to get started.

Discover how to use Manga Studio to begin creating comics in manga or Western styles, add color to your creations, and share them with your adoring public. It-s a breeze once you know your way around the program. Manga may have begun in Japan, but Manga Studio For Dummies is written in plain English, and shows you how to:

  • Build and use page templates
  • Rough in your comic with penciling techniques(click to see example)
  • Work 100% digital, or use a combination of digital and traditional tools if you prefer
  • Work with layers, rulers, and panels
  • Add speech bubbles and sound effects text
  • Ink your work and add tones
  • Prepare your creations for print or distribution on the Web

Manga - Written by Paul Gravett
Designed by Peter Stanbury
US $24.95, UK £19.95
ISBN: 1 85669 391 0

Paul Gravett's book presents a popularly written, fully illustrated history of the development of Japanese manga from 1945 to the present. In it he features extracts from various manga genres, full-page excerpts and gives special attention to such historically important figures as Osamu Tezuka, the creator of Astro Boy.

Written by a working digital artist, Manga Studio For Dummies covers both Manga Studio Debut and EX versions. As an added bonus, it even gives you a peek into the world of manga and comics in general. With the help of Manga Studio For Dummies, you just might find yourself among the comic artists whose work populates the Web and gathers thousands of fans!

Don’t have a Kindle?

From the Back Cover

Covers both Manga Studio Debut and EX versions

Use the newest features of Manga Studio to bring your ideas to life

Manga is magnificent, and with the tools available in the latest version of Manga Studio, it's easy to turn your computer into your drawing board. Here's the fun and easy way to begin creating comics in manga or Western styles, add color to your creations, and share them with your adoring public.

Discover how to:

  • Build and use page templates

  • Rough in your comic with penciling techniques

  • Work with layers, rulers, and panels

  • Add speech bubbles and sound effects text

  • Ink your work and add tones

Stranger in a Strange Land - Robert A. Heinlein

Stranger in a Strange Land

Now I would like to start showing you some of the books that have left a deep impression on me throughout my life, starting with a book i first read at the age of about 13. It is strange to look back and wonder how certain events occur in the path of one's life which leave evidence of a deeply hidden feeling of knowing something, but not quite beaing able to put one's finger on the matter at all. "On the tip of one's tongue", so to speak. Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein, was one of those events which instilled a deep feeling of evidence that something was amiss with Human Society and Ethics. The book, apart from being the most Fantastic and Amazing Science Fiction Novel you may receive the Honor of having in your posession, is also an intricate Satire of a multitude of aspects of oour Society; Concepts and Beliefs are questioned, such as the Political, Legal, State Government, and Religious aspects..

All of these topics are covered and more, throguh the perspective of the Main Character and his relationship to the Humans who he meets as friends along the way, and the way that his most different alternative views on Life and the Cosmos begin to effectuate a Change in the way that we are able to see things, learn to accpt, and live with those things, which are indeed, just natural parts of existence.
This book will cause you to think about many things, including the way we live our lives (you live your life) - the way you "Grok" things will be different to before. The word "Grok" is taken from the book, Grok means, to understand, cherish and react accordingly with nature towards that thing one is encountering, which may include; saving the life of, or restoring something to former condition, through scientific or supernatural means, even destroying is a possible conclusion to the reaction that comes or not as you "Grok" the matter, depends ultimately on what is "grokked" thereof.
Sounds pretty complicated when i try to explain it.. better read Robert Heinlein's book to see for yourselves, as he leads you into Grokking the meaning of Grok much better than i do.

Valentine Michael Smith, the Protagonist, is a human of 18 years old who was found on the Planet Mars after his mother gave birth to him in Space on an earlier mission, which resulted in all of the other Crew Members dying. All with the exception of Valentine Michael Smith. He was taken in and cared for by the Martian race, and was raised according to their world view and Ethical principles. After being discovered and brought to Earth; kept in a secret wing of a hospital watched over and guarded by Government agents in order to complete their plan to experimment with Valentine.
A Nurse gets soft in the head (or Heart?) and assists Valentine Smith in escaping, and takes Valentine to hide with a friend of hers, who is coincidentally a world class lawyer, Jubal Harshaw....... Ohhh... just read the book you can download it on Kindle Books now
Other Reviews from Other Websites; Review
Stranger in a Strange Land, winner of the 1962 Hugo Award, is the story of Valentine Michael Smith, born during, and the only survivor of, the first manned mission to Mars. Michael is raised by Martians, and he arrives on Earth as a true innocent: he has never seen a woman and has no knowledge of Earth's cultures or religions. But he brings turmoil with him, as he is the legal heir to an enormous financial empire, not to mention de facto owner of the planet Mars. With the irascible popular author Jubal Harshaw to protect him, Michael explores human morality and the meanings of love. He founds his own church, preaching free love and disseminating the psychic talents taught him by the Martians. Ultimately, he confronts the fate reserved for all messiahs. The impact of Stranger in a Strange Land was considerable, leading many children of the 60's to set up households based on Michael's water-brother nests. Heinlein loved to pontificate through the mouths of his characters, so modern readers must be willing to overlook the occasional sour note ("Nine times out of ten, if a girl gets raped, it's partly her fault."). That aside, Stranger in a Strange Land is one of the master's best entertainments, provocative as he always loved to be. Can you grok it? --Brooks Peck

From Library Journal
In 1939 Heinlein published his first sf short story and became one of the most prolific and influential authors in the genre. Stranger in a Strange Land (1961) is an international best seller and a landmark in more ways than one: it opened the trade best sellers lists to sf writers, breaking down longstanding barriers that will never be seen again. At the same time Stranger became an emblem of the 1960s generation in its iconoclasm and free-love themes. Telling the story of an Earth baby raised by an existing, ancient Martian civilization, the novel often reads as if it were the "Playboy Philosophy" in dialog form. The man/ Martian comes to Earth and broadcasts his ideas by forming his own Church. Heinlein has been rightly criticized for presenting as facts his opinions, which state that organized religion is a sham, authority is generally stupid, young women are all the same, and the common individual is alternately an independent, Ayn Randian-producing genius and the dull-witted part of an ignorant and will-less mob. Yet the book is hard to put down; in its early pages it is a truly masterful sf story. Every library with a fiction collection should have it. Christopher Hurt reads with authority, nicely drawing the characters via barely perceptible changes in intonation, harshness, and pacing. Highly recommended.?Don Wismer, Office of the Secretary of State, Augusta, Me.
Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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Product Details

  • * Format: Kindle Edition
  • * File Size: 427 KB
  • * Print Length: 448 pages
  • * Publisher: Ace (October 1, 1991)
  • * Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
  • * Language: English
  • * ASIN: B000TO0TDK
  • * Sales Rank: #2,163 in Kindle Store

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