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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Even my own books on Kindle Now - Hooray for Buddha Magic Kindle version

I have finally managed to get one of my ezines published on amazon kindle now.

I still have to learn how to format better fo the kindle reader, but at least it worked.
I hope my next upload to the kindle bookstore will be much more professionally formatted in epub format
You can see issue one and two of 'Buddha Magic' my personal publication on the Thai Occult, Sacred Amulets and Buddhist practice and tradition in Thailand here - Buddha Magic Ezine on Kindle!!

For those who prefer Printable Pdf you can buy the full format version for download on my website at under the e-publications section. Issue 5 is about to be released now. Only Issue 1 and 2 are published on Amazon Kindle for now, until i can format them more aptly for the Kindle screen

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